Whoopi Goldberg sparks backlash for saying ‘not every Republican is the same’

Whoopi Goldberg has reminded everyone that the people who follow the Republican Party are all individuals.Whoopi Goldberg sparks backlash for saying 'not every Republican is the  same'

During an episode of The View this week, the show heard from MSNBC political commentator Rachel Maddow, who ripped into the GOP’s priorities of late.

She told the panel: “While the Republican party is firing their own Speaker and shutting down Congress, Joe Biden is, like, lowering prescription drug prices.

“The two parties have two very different projects right now, and I want Republicans to want politics.

“They don’t seem to be pursuing politics right now. They are pursuing a different form of government for this country, and that is a big deal.”

Whoopi Goldberg wasn't overly impressed with Bilson's comments.

The party has been a little hectic recently.

McCarthy was ousted from his position as House Speaker, which was the first time that has ever happened in America’s political history.

He only lasted 269 days in the role.

Similarly, the GOP has been getting stuck into hot topics like abortion, transgender rights, the state of Ukraine, education, gun crime and China, according to Politico.

And, with Donald Trump looking likely to best the rest of the group to become the Republican primary candidate, it seems there’s a lot going on with Republicans from now until the 2024 election in November.

However, Goldberg says that it’s irresponsible to group all Republicans into one world view.

She told the crowd: “And they’re not all the same, either. Not all Republicans are the same…Well, I’m just reminding everybody.”

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According to Entertainment Weekly, it seems like the statement didn’t go down well with some of the audience.

The outlet reports there were groans that could be heard after she made the comments.

However, the reaction didn’t seem to faze Goldberg or the rest of the panelists as they laughed and went to a commercial break.

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