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Breaking: Guy Fieri Throws Robert De Niro Out Of His Restaurant, “Go Dine In Some Woke Place”

In an unexpected twist in the world of celebrity dining, culinary star Guy Fieri made headlines by reportedly ejecting legendary actor Robert De Niro from one of his popular restaurants. The reason? Fieri, known for his spiky hair and larger-than-life personality, allegedly told De Niro to “go dine in some woke place.” This surprising incident […]

Whoopi Goldberg sparks backlash for saying ‘not every Republican is the same’

Whoopi Goldberg has reminded everyone that the people who follow the Republican Party are all individuals. During an episode of The View this week, the show heard from MSNBC political commentator Rachel Maddow, who ripped into the GOP’s priorities of late. She told the panel: “While the Republican party is firing their own Speaker and shutting down […]

Cardi B Defends Pornography After Candace Owens Calls for Ban: ‘Is It That Bad for Y’all?’

Owens previously claimed pornography is a “psychological weapon intended to weaken our men” Candace Owens thinks pornography is bad, but Cardi B doesn’t agree. After the conservative political commentator took to social media with a call to “ban pornography” earlier this month, Cardi shared her thoughts on the matter — and the rapper doesn’t think X-rated content is all […]